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Shared Hosting

First & Foremost - Web Site Hosting - Because your domain name needs a home. Your hosting comes with 

  • Email with auto-responders, spam controls,POP3
  • Visitor stats - see who visited each day and what they viewed - guage how well your marketing & SEO strategies are working
  • MySQL, Cpanel, Softaculous Up-to-date Software making your web site management easy
  • File management right from your browser or use FTP
  • Free templates - we will work with you to give you a choice of up to date templates for either Wordpress or Joomla

Check out all your choices - choose the package right for your needs & budget - read more

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Get the most out of your web presence.  It is vital that you have someone on your team who knows how to optimize your web site for search engines.  What is the point if no one can find your web site?  We will be glad to assist in coding your pages appropriately, including your projects with our Google Webmaster tools, even optimizing the load time of your photos and images.  read more

Social Networking


Today you can't be without it.  We'll help you get set up on Facebook & Twitter. Within no time you could have over 10,000 people seeing your name daily!

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Dedicated Servers - If you need the power and exclusive use of your very own remote server or separate email servers - talk to us.  We will be glad to get you setup in a secure high class datacenter. You can manage this yourself or we will be glad to provide server management.  Tell us what you need.

Live Help

Live Bible Studies

Live visitor interaction

Need a domain name? We will gladly help you find an easy to remember name, manage the settings for it, set nameservers, make sure you do not lose it to speculators, keep it up to date for you and bill you yearly. read more

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